Friday 31 October 2014

Touch up on Frankenberry

Every Halloween I take  Frankenberry out of the closet and give him a bit more details. ( new polypaint and such).

My cat in a spooky mood.

 " You could at least take it out of  the bag and let me read it!"

Wednesday 29 October 2014

From out of the bogs walks a...Swamp Thing

I've yet to find the last remaining issue into my Swamp thing collection. Published in the 70's ( 24 issues), I managed to get several high grade copies at a reasonable price.
Out of my whole collection, full of exciting childhood memories, this is by far my most treasured set.

Outstanding artwork from B Wrightson ( issue #9). Fantastic 9.8 grade.

Still a lot of work yet to be done on later models. Here's an hommage to my favorite childhood character, my passion for the genre, there is a creature known as... the Swamp Thing

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Wall of... STRANGE

Time to bring out the Doc for Halloween.

" Your voodoo shit is all well and nice, I can dig it. Meanwhile I'll stick to my Top Cat toons... Now take my picture !    .....douche."

Sunday 26 October 2014

Archie Afterlife Magazine # 1

Mimi the cat rummaging through my collection

2hrs later

Archie Afterlife Magazine # 1 ( Mimi approved)
issue # 5

Monday 20 October 2014

Famous horror House film trivia 2

Obviously not getting any bloody comments at all, I'll try Trivia 2 again and post the answers on the 31st.
In which  Horror Movie was this famous house in?

Saturday 18 October 2014

It came from my closet 3

Welcome to another edition of show off my stuff. These days I seldom buy new comics, but lately I've stumbled on a new series that was right up my alley.  Afterlife with Archie.  This actually gave me back the joy of collecting comics again. I haven't  missed a single issue yet, and tracking down the first issue I had to resort to selling my Harley ( scooter actually).
These books are getting gobbled up real fast, so grab them while they're Hot!
Now where did I stash these?

Thursday 16 October 2014

Creepy Crawlers

Forget today's X-BOX, this is what I enjoyed most about the 70's. ( I may have accidentally eaten a few).

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Monday 13 October 2014

Saturday 11 October 2014

Thursday 9 October 2014

Coffin Crisp rest in peace

Canada's version of a chocolate bar. It's packaged as a chocolate bar, but it says candy on the side. not milk chocolate.
Back in the 60's up until even the 80's, Coffee Crisp was my favorite. My Dad would travel to Canada and would bring back bars we had never heard of in the States.They were delicious! Now I swear, not trying to be funny,this thing taste like Crap! If you would put three slices of paper cardboard wrapped in mushy chemical glue, This is what it would taste like! ( to make matters worse, it says same original flavour. What the hell are they talking about exactly!).
I only bought it for the packaging and used the bar to hold up my desk.
Coffee Crisp rest in peace.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Famous Horror house film trivia

Just to see if there are any live zombies out there, here's a small horror film trivia for you.
From which famous horror film was this house set in?

Monday 6 October 2014

Horror comics first editions

My cat found some of my first horror comic editions. She's got a fine nose for that sort of thing.
The bonus of owning these beauties, is that I actually paid a quarter, cover price., back in the good ole 70's.
others I tracked down in modern day evil dungeons, where ruthless greedy ogres demand the price of your soul. They call them comic shops. I'll post more later. Enjoy.

Saturday 4 October 2014

Friday 3 October 2014

Monster on the loose Glow Gif

An old black light effect I'm working on.I loved the old posters from the 70's, but they were mainly psycadelic drug related graphics. Not my cup of tea. Here's some Monster Mania.

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