Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Laboratory

I've been building Aurora Monster models kits since I was a wee little lad back in the 70s.
Around Halloween with a mouthful of Butterfingers and Sugar babies, You'd find me meticulously assembling all types of ghastly ghouls to the likes of the Wolfman and the Phantom of the opera. How euphoric!
Unfortunately these moments of bliss would not last too long.
Often waiting impatiently for the glue to dry, My Wolfman suddenly had shattered into oblivion, head and arms strewn everywhere. In utter disbelief I turned around to find my brother...BB gun in hand. '' that'll teach you Douche!....model cars are fine, but your ghastly creatures are going back to the grave!"
Well, fortunately after all that trauma,  I survived to see many more Halloweens.
Where all crazy experiments and creativity takes place, Here's a 3D model I put together of something I would of loved to own as a kid....The laboratory.
                                                               EXPAND FOR HI RES

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