Wednesday 1 May 2013

Graphic novels ( aka Comic Books)

A League assignment article on comic books? Are you kidding me!
Well...let's see, I could  start by humbly showing off a quick snapshot of my collection.
 Ha! Okay, so it's a pic from the Raider's movie. It's still what my basement kind of reminds me of  though.
I was fortunate enough to have gone through the Bronze age of comics back in the 70s, so that's where most of my collection comes from.(You have to understand  it was necessary to stockpile for summer treehouse reading back then). Now,since many  have skyrocketed  in value over the years , you can  imagine plopping 20 hard earned cents on the counter for a mint first edition circa 1973 Ghost Rider  was quite a coup de gras!
I still fantasize and imagine wandering back in time to those small convenient stores and  buying multiple copies of just about every comic they have. ( hey! I was a rich kid, I had a well paying paper route.).
Well...Years have gone by and I still own that first edition and many more. We've both aged a bit, gained a few pounds, We're slightly worn, slightly creased.
This leads me to subject of this article,and reminisce about My favorite Comic book Artists of that era Bernie Wrightson and Mike Ploog.
Back then even for a 10 year old pop rocks eating kid, I had noticed a unique Art style emerging , a different flavor of visual storytelling, a blend of... Alright, alright, it was Frankenstein's Monster on the cover, how cool was that!

A werewolf, Dracula, and what's this... a Swamp Thing, a Man Thing. Whoa! I was hooked.
With MARVEL and DC pumping out titles like Tomb of Dracula , Werewolf by night, House of Mystery, House of Secrets , Creatures on the Loose, I was on a rollercoaster ride of Monster Mayhem.
 Thanks to the internet now their  Artwork can be enjoyed all  over again, yet there are days I still go down to the basement flip open a Werewolf by Night or a Tomb of Dracula, smile and reminisce of summertimes spent huddled in a treehouse, eating sugar babies, and enjoying a cool comic book. Cheers!

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