Wednesday 2 September 2015

Fall Nostalgia

MotherClucker filled with Peanut butter!
Is it September already? Damn Illuminati shortening the days just to collect taxes quicker.
Oh well !, not going to stop me from reminiscing bout the good ole days.
I dug these out of the dungeon for fun. Fall Previews in the 70s was an event. electric!
I couldn't wait to git my paws on these in Sept. I actually looked forward going back to school , believe it or not! New shows, new underwear, and new girlfriends. What moments of bliss!

 Could I ever be more excited waiting for this!
 Lee Majors and Bigfoot. What a combo!

Well, enjoy the nostalgia, Have a great September.
Gonna watch me some reruns of the Bionic man while I fix me a batch of Fluffy Nutters.
I'm outta here !

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